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Think Home

Easy thought processes for a streamlined home.

Written by Judith Wilson

Published: 13/03/2014

About the author

Judith Wilson has been an interiors writer and stylist since 1987, including six years as decorating editor at Homes & Gardens. She is a freelance contributor to many publications, including House & Garden, for which she is a Contributing Editor, Livingetc, Red and Junior. Her books include Children’s Spaces, Family Living, Harmonious Home, Essential Home and Teen Zone (all Ryland Peters & Small). Judith also lectures at the KLC School of Design. Judith Wilson lives in Barnes, south-west London.

All too often, we rush into decisions about structural changes or new schemes without first assessing what we have. Ask any interior designer or architect, and they will say that time spent thinking and planning is never wasted. In Think Home the reader is encouraged to do just that: think. The introduction, Wishful Thinking, encourages readers to imagine and plan for their dream home. Chapter 1, Think Hard, guides the reader through the all-important first steps in planning, organizing, and setting a budget. The second chapter, Think Lifestyle, divides living spaces into three categories—family zones, sociable spaces, and quiet retreats—and discusses each one. Chapter 3, Think Inspired, focuses on creative options such as color and texture, while Chapter 4, Think Rooms, features examples of brilliantly planned spaces that work perfectly for their occupants, while special sections focus on storage, lighting, and other practical aspects. The conclusion, Creative Thinking, sums up how a thoughtful path leads to a beautiful home.