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The Secret Diary of Tiddles, Aged 3 3/4

An eye-opening exposé into what your cat does when you’re not there

Written by Gemma Correll

Published: 14/10/2014

The Secret Diary of Tiddles, Aged 3 3/4

  • Hardback
  •   |  
  • 9781909313453
  •   |  
  • Oct 2014
  •   |  
  • 64 pages

About the author

Gemma Correll is a freelance illustrator and comic-making person. She currently lives with her trusty sidekick pugs Mr Norman Pickles and Bella. Visit her website at The author is based in Norwich, UK.

In arguably the greatest, most enlightening discovery since the Rosetta Stone, cat ambassador Gemma Correll has managed to get hold of the secret diary of Tiddles, a three-year-old moggy, which she has transcribed and illustrated in order to explain to cat owners across the globe what their pet gets up to when left to its own devices. By reading through Tiddles’ journal, many of those great unanswered questions you have about your cat’s life will be answered, like what does he does for hours on end when he crawls under the bed just as you leave for work or where has she been when she barges her way through the cat flap and into the kitchen, yowling for attention? It’s a true insight into the secret world of cats and a must-have, eye-opening read for any cat owner.