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The Little Pocket Book of Stretching with Ease for a Pain-free Back

Heal and prevent backache and injury

Written by Linda Minarik

Published: 10/10/2017

The Little Pocket Book of Stretching with Ease for a Pain-free Back

  • Paperback
  •   |  
  • 9781782495277
  •   |  
  • Oct 2017
  •   |  
  • 176 pages

About the author

Linda Minarik has been continuously certified in group fitness with the American Council on Exercise since 1993. She also holds teaching certifications in Gyrokinesis® and The MELT Method™. Her other specialties include Aerobic Dance and Water Aerobics. Linda currently teaches group fitness at New York's Health & Racquet Clubs and the Equitable Athletic and Swim Club. Linda pursues the unusual fitness combination of ballet and bodybuilding and is a long-time, serious student of classical dance. She has recently branched out into the study of rhythmic gymnastics. Linda lives in New York City.

Avoid and treat back injury, improve your health, and maintain your posture with this illustrated guide to stretches for your back.

Fitness and stretching expert Linda Minarik provides a comprehensive guide to working with your body to assist it to become fluid and flexible, so that back pain becomes a thing of the past. She explains why you should stretch and how muscles respond to stretching, then gives clear instructions for a range of stretches you can use to help your back, not only targeting the back muscles but also the abdominals, hips, and thighs. All of the stretches can be done easily at home without any special equipment, and photographs are overlaid with illustrations to show which particular muscles are being stretched in each case. Linda also provides stretch sequences for warming up, to relieve pain, and to incorporate stretching into your daily life.