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The Little Pocket Book of Meditation

With step-by-step, 5–10 minute guided meditations to calm mind, body, and soul

Written by Stephanie Brookes

Published: 11/08/2016

The Little Pocket Book of Meditation

  • Paperback
  •   |  
  • 9781782493778
  •   |  
  • Aug 2016
  •   |  
  • 192 pages

About the author

Stephanie Brookes is an author and TV presenter on modern spirituality. She writes for the online ‘Destiny’ column for mybliss.co.uk, and is the author of How to be a Spiritual Goddess. Stephanie won the award for Best Contributing Writer for her work at holistic title, Vision Magazine. She is a lifestyle blogger for Huffington Post UK. The author is based in London, UK.

An easy-to-follow guide to the stress-busting, tension-taming practice of meditation.

Trying to find a work/life balance can be exhausting, which means we are always looking for ways to release tension and relax. Meditation is the perfect solution! People often worry that to meditate properly they need to sit for hours in cold and empty rooms, but in The Little Pocket Book of Meditation Stephanie Brookes sweeps aside these outdated stereotypes. Writing in a down-to-earth, accessible style, Stephanie shows us how to incorporate simple meditation techniques into our busy, non-stop lives. Over the years she has created bespoke meditation routines and developed a large inventory of meditations to suit a wide range of situations, including meditations for self-healing, meditations for relationships, and meditations on the go. Packed with engaging insights on the benefits of meditation, this book will show you how even a short meditation can reduce stress, ease tension, and set you on the path to inner peace.