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Pimp Your Pumps

35 easy ways to transform your shoes, for children aged 7+

Written by Charlotte Liddle

Published: 13/03/2014

Pimp Your Pumps

  • Paperback
  •   |  
  • 9781782491064
  •   |  
  • Mar 2014
  •   |  
  • 128 pages

About the author

Charlotte Liddle and Lucy Hopping have worked as designers in the textile craft industry for the past seven years and have lots of experience developing step-by-step projects for books, websites, publications, and kit designs. Both have a lovely sense of color with a vintage-yet-contemporary approach to hand and machine textile crafts. Charlotte is the author of three textile books: Stitch and Sparkle, Stitch Divas, and Cute and Easy Quilting and Stitching (CICO).

Are you bored with your boots, sick of your sneakers, and embarrassed by your boring black pumps? If you can’t afford to buy personalized sports footwear or sparkly party shoes, don’t despair, you can do it yourself! Charlotte Liddle will show you how, with 35 ways to make your feet more fun. There are removeable fixes, such as clip-on flowers or ideas for replacing your laces with something more interesting, in case you are not allowed to make any permanent changes. If you have an old pair of shoes that don’t matter, then you can go further, applying fabric paint, sequins, or a collage of pictures. There’s even a pair of cute “monster” slippers you can make yourself. Every project has clear instructions, and artworks to show you exactly what to do, as well as tips on any crafty skills you will need.