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My First Dog Book

Teach your dog to be happy and confident: training, playing, grooming, feeding

Written by Dawn Bates

Published: 12/02/2015

My First Dog Book

  • Paperback
  •   |  
  • 9781782491972
  •   |  
  • Feb 2015
  •   |  
  • 128 pages

About the author

Dawn Bates has over 15 years experience working on pregnancy and babycare publications and was the editor of Having Babies magazine. She lives in Hertfordshire and is the mother of one very smiley baby, Liam.

Your dog will become a great playmate but first you need to learn how to look after him. In ‘Caring For Your Dog,’ discover the essentials of dog care, from exercising and feeding, to keeping him safe when you’re out and about. Chapter 2, ‘Good Dog,’ covers all the basic training techniques, with easy step-by-step instructions, from sit, down, and stay, to walking to heel on the leash. Find out how to read your dog’s body language and help him behave well around people and other dogs. Once you’ve mastered all the basic training techniques, ‘Clever Dog,’ shows you how to teach your dog some skillful tricks. Impress your friends by getting your dog to roll over, wave, or give a high-five with one simple command from you! You and your dog will become playmates and best friends. In Chapter 4, ‘Fun and Games,’ there are ideas for great activities to enjoy together such as Hide and Seek, Find the Treat, and Tug of War.