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Living Retro

Written by Andrew Weaving

Published: 14/07/2016

Living Retro

  • Hardback
  •   |  
  • 9781849757577
  •   |  
  • Jul 2016
  •   |  
  • 160 pages

About the author

Andrew Weaving is the owner of Century Design in London. The gallery specializes in mid-century modern design, focusing on both originals and re-editions, plus some work by new designers. His other books include Understanding Modern, Playful Home and the best-selling Modern Retro (also published by Ryland Peters & Small). A passionate collector of all things retro, Andrew lives in London and France and owns historic mid-century modern homes in Florida and Palm Springs as well as an Art Deco beach house in Essex.

A glorious celebration of vibrant twentieth-century design, color, and pattern, Living Retro offers a privileged glimpse into a selection of fabulous retro-inspired homes around the world, from Palm Springs to Paris.

Our passion for retro style shows no signs of fading. From the cerebral elegance of mid-century modern and the spare simplicity of Scandinavian retro design to the flamboyant opulence of the 1970s, retro interiors still exert enormous appeal.

In this glorious book, Andrew Weaving visits 18 inspiring and varied locations that showcase the Living Retro style. Take a tour of a minimalist loft in London, admire the spare simplicity of Scandinavian mid-century modern and enjoy the colorful, playful chic of Palm Beach in the 1960s – the carefully chosen locations around the globe illustrate the many facets of a look that ranges from sophisticated glamour to pared-down elegance.