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Letter Crafts

35 creative projects for stylish home decorations

Written by Clare Youngs

Published: 10/07/2018

Letter Crafts

  • Paperback
  •   |  
  • 9781782496007
  •   |  
  • Jul 2018
  •   |  
  • 144 pages

About the author

Clare Youngs studied graphic design and worked in packaging design, illustration, and book jacket design, before deciding to turn her attentions to craft full-time. Clare’s other books include Book Art, which has sold over 13,000 copies, Wall Art, Mobile Art, A Year in Crafts, Letter Art, Make Your Own Woodland Creatures, Folk Art Needlecraft and Scandinavian Needlecraft (all published by CICO Books). She is based in Kent, UK.

35 quirky and cool makes to bring a touch of typography to your home.

Clare Youngs presents a range of simple projects, using inexpensive and easy-to-find materials, so you can make your very own colorful alphabet. For a stylish display, adorn your mantelpiece with bold letters made out of recycled fruit crates, make your own vintage fabric "T", or cheer up a child’s bedroom with a bright alphabet pillowslip. All the projects are clearly explained with step-by-step artworks, and there is a tools and techniques section so you can brush up on your crafting skills—all you need to do is decide which letter to create. It’s as easy as A, B, C.