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Laundry Hints & Tips

Written by Cindy Harris

Published: 10/07/2014

Laundry Hints & Tips

  • Hardback
  •   |  
  • 9781849755795
  •   |  
  • Jul 2014
  •   |  
  • 64 pages

About the author

Cindy Harris is uniquely qualified in the art of keeping a house. As a single mother with two young children, she studied for an MA in psychology while at the same time selling real estate to support her family. Good time management and well-ordered simplicity were her key assets. When she later married a prominent business entrepreneur, she was responsible for running three separate households. Here she reveals the secrets behind creating a beautifully clean home. Cindy lives in Brentwood, California.

Sweet-smelling soap suds, bright, fresh laundry blowing in the breeze and an iron warming by the fire, these are the romantic images of our grandmothers’ laundry days. Although the tasks of washing, drying and ironing are less arduous than they once were, the laundry is still dreaded by many, much less enjoyed. However, as this invaluable little book shows, with very little effort you can turn your home into a tactile heaven—freshly laundered sheets on the bed, crisply pressed work clothes hanging ready for the morning and piles of folded, fluffy towels. Let the hints and tips of laundry inspire you to fill your home with beautifully scented, soft fabrics and sparkling clean clothes and linens. These are the easy-to-achieve results that will transform your laundry routine from a chore into a pleasure.