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Knitting for Children

35 simple knits kids will love to make!

Written by Claire Montgomerie

Published: 13/06/2017

Knitting for Children

  • Paperback
  •   |  
  • 9781782494614
  •   |  
  • Jun 2017
  •   |  
  • 128 pages

About the author

Claire Montgomerie is a textile designer specializing in knitting and crochet. She has designed a range of knitted accessories, toys and garments, called Monty, and has also created samples for the American fashion market, designed patterns for books, made knitwear for film costumes and exhibited her work. Claire runs knitting classes for adults and children at the London knitting emporium, Loop. She is the author of Easy Baby Knits, Easy Kids Knits and Knitting for Children. The author is based in London, UK.

Get crafty and learn how to knit 35 amazing children’s projects! 

Split into five sections, Knitting for Children, will teach you and your child everything you need to know about how to knit. With a section explaining the basic tools and techniques of knitting, you will be well prepared to make any of the fun and creative projects included in the book. With chapters for "Warm and Cozy Knits", "Accessories", "Bedroom Essentials" and "Playtime", there will be projects to suit every child and every occasion! From Snake Scarves and Mouse Mittens, to Flowers, Rainbow Pillows, and Aliens, there may even be projects that you will want to make too! Aimed at children aged 5 and upward, these easy-to-follow patterns are specially designed to teach children how to knit. Complete with step-by-step photography, the art of knitting has never been easier!