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In the Mood for Colour

Perfect palettes for creative interiors

Written by Hans Blomquist

Published: 15/11/2016

In the Mood for Colour

  • Hardback
  •   |  
  • 9781849757553
  •   |  
  • Nov 2016
  •   |  
  • 208 pages

About the author

Hans Blomquist is an art director and stylist whose evocative, painterly style is highly sought after by many prestigious brands. Hans started out working for IKEA in Sweden and ended up art directing their catalogue. His other clients include Harrods, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, H&M, and IKEA. Hans now lives in Paris.

Color is powerful – it can change our moods or raise our spirits. It can be positively life-enhancing, yet so many of us struggle with choosing the right shades for our home, instead falling back on a safe but unadventurous palette of bland neutrals.

In this, his third book, celebrated interior stylist Hans Blomquist reveals his lifelong passion for color and the way in which it can affect our emotions. Color can soothe, enchant or excite. And as Hans demonstrates, it has the ability to render rooms cool and calming, dynamic and stimulating or moody and intriguing.

As ever, Hans draws his inspiration from the treasures of the natural world, exploring shades from the dazzling optic white of newly fallen snow to the fiery crimson heart of a newly unfurled poppy and the inky canopy of the midnight sky. Divided into five sections – Dark, Pale, Soft, Natural and Bright – In the Mood for Colour will make you see color in a completely different light.