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Feast your eyes on an exciting range of recipes for everyday and entertaining

From the latest healthy eating trends to the most mouth-watering of baking books, we have a recipe for your every gastronomic need, whether you need quick recipes to feed a family or entertain a crowd. We have an array of international cookbooks, from the evocative spices of the Middle East to the fiery flavors of Mexico. Immerse yourself in our timeless cocktail or food and wine guides which are full of fascinating information and stylish recipe ideas. All of our cookbooks are illustrated with sumptuous photography to inspire and tempt you to cook, bake or drink your way through the whole collection!

The Curious Bartender's Gin Palace

Flavors of Sicily

Vegetable Perfection

Milkshake Bar

Cooking with Beer

Dr. Burnorium's Hottest Ever Sauces

Cuban Cocktails

How to Make Sourdough

Modern Dim Sum


101 Vegetarian BBQ Recipes

Birthday Cakes for Kids

101 Hangover Recipes

Cooking with Cheese

Breakfast for Dinner

Raw Food Detox

Afternoon Tea at Home



A Handful of Herbs

The Pocket Book of Cocktails

Mocktails, Cordials, Infusions, Syrups, and More

Power Grains

Tea with Jane Austen

White Spirits

Deliciously Chocolatey

At Home with Umami

A Bowlful of Broth

The Best Beer in the World

Modern Meat Kitchen

Winter Cabin Cooking

The Chakra Kitchen

The Cast-iron Skillet Cookbook

The Scandi Kitchen

Vegan Street Food

Hot Chocolate

Fiona Beckett

Oodles of Noodles


Chicken Wings

The Cookie Jar




Popina Book of Baking

Flavors of Summer

Bond Cocktails

Naked Cakes

The Salad Bowl


Wild Cocktails from the Midnight Apothecary

101 BBQ and Grill Recipes

Craft Spirit World

The Tomato Basket

Fermented Foods for Vitality & Health


The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee

The Easy Kitchen: Vegetarian Dishes

The Easy Kitchen: Gluten-free Recipes

Boozy Shakes

Sugar-free Snacks & Treats

Deliciously Decorated

Sweetie Pie

Plant-based Paleo

Pop Bakery

The Pocket Homebrew Handbook

Green Drinks

Out of the Pod

Cooking for One

Party-Perfect Bites

The Curious Bartender: An Odyssey of Malt, Bourbon & Rye Whiskies

The Crumbs Family Cookbook

Chocolate at Home

Lola's Forever

The Natural Food Kitchen

Baking Mash-Up

Grilled Cheese

For the Love of Oats

Natural Wine

Dirty Food

Beer and Food

Making Bread Together

Deliciously Vintage

Pickled & Packed

Tea and Treats

The Perfectly Dressed Salad

Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles and French Toast

Flavors of the Middle East

Super Fresh Juices & Smoothies

Afternoon Tea with Bea

Friends Around the Table

Super Grains & Seeds

The Creamery Kitchen

Cook Your Date Into Bed

The Vegan Pantry

The Curious Bartender

Vegetarian Tagines & Cous Cous

The Book of Buns

The Red Hot Chile Sauce Book

Delicious Soups

My Vietnamese Kitchen

Modern Rustic

Dinner with Mr Darcy

101 Sandwiches

Brown Booze

Super Healthy Snacks and Treats

New to Cooking

Mac 'n' Cheese

French Fancies

Cinnamon, Spice & Warm Apple Pie

Family Baking

The Savory Gluten-Free Baker

The Easy Kitchen: Comfort Food

Fun Food for Fussy Little Eaters

Nordic Bakery Cookbook

Making Wines, Liqueurs & Cordials

The Really Hungry Student Cookbook

The Easy Kitchen: Preserves & Pickles

Craft Beer World

Patisserie at Home


Smoke and Spice

A Perfect Day for a Picnic

Perfect Pairings

Easy Tagine

The Guilt-free Gourmet

The Homebrew Handbook

The Red Hot Chilli Cookbook

Easy Vegetarian One-pot

Making Cupcakes with Lola

How to Make Bread

The Gluten-free Baker

Easy Smoothies & Juices

Easy Vegan

Tagines and Couscous

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook