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Coffee Drinks

An illustrated infographic guide to what's in your cup

Written by Merlin Jobst

Published: 13/06/2017

About the author

Merlin Jobst is a writer whose work around food and wider culture has appeared in publications such as Caffeine Magazine, the Observer Magazine, VICE, Huck, Collectively, and across His interest in the full scope of the social and cultural significance of coffee goes far beyond trendy speciality scenes, and has led him to exploring coffee cultures across Europe and America.

A guide to over 25 of the most popular ways to drink coffee, rendered in a beautiful infographic style.

Do you know your Cappuccino from your Cortado or your Americano from your Affogato? When you’re at the counter of the coffee shop, faced with a menu of drinks as long as the line of people eagerly waiting for that morning blast of caffeine, the minutiae and mechanics of coffee can be a little mind-bending. With this simple infographic guide that clearly explains the composition of all the main types of coffeedrinks  available, you’ll be able to identify what you’re sipping and how best you like it, making this an essential addition to the collection for anyone who’s addicted to great coffee.