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Chloe Tells You How ... To Sew

More than 30 things to make, do, and sew

Written by Chloë Owens

Published: 13/03/2014

Chloe Tells You How ... To Sew

  • Hardback
  •   |  
  • 9781782490470
  •   |  
  • Mar 2014
  •   |  
  • 144 pages

About the author

Chloe Owens spends her time fusing appliqué, machine embroidery, salvaged fabrics, and stitched drawings to create her unique style of textile art involving dazzling use of color and exquisite intricacy. She has a passion for color and pattern and draws influence from 1960s domestic and fashion fabrics. Visit her website at The author is based in London, UK.

Textile artist Chloe Owens is inspired by all things vintage—much of her work is made with groovy fabrics designed in the 1960s. But she also has a passion for the comic books she read as a child, with their story strips, brightly-colored two-tone illustrations, and snippets of instruction mixed in with activities, puzzles, and games. Following the success of her first book, All Sewn Up, she has created a truly unique blend of beautiful craft projects and stylish, retro artworks and design in this blend of old and new. The projects include everything from egg cozies to upcycled chairs, and display her trademark eye for fabrics, and embellishment with appliqué and embroidery. Whether you are already a fan of Chloe’s work or you are discovering her for the first time, this combination of practical projects with illustrations by some of the best contemporary artists will delight you.