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How to enjoy, serve and cook with cured meats

Written by Miranda Ballard

Published: 09/10/2014

About the author

Miranda Ballard and her husband left behind their media careers (Miranda was Sir David Frost’s PA and Roland worked for Working Title Films) in 2008 to return to their home county of Worcestershire, UK to launch their own food company. They wanted to rebrand the idea of the burger, to prove it is a versatile and nutritious food and promote top quality, ethically farmed, beef. Muddy Boots had stalls at over 350 farmers’ markets and food shows within their first year and now their freshly-made, gourmet burgers are available nationwide, in 90 high-end food stores. They will be launching in the US in Spring 2013 when they will broadening the range to include other American classics such as meatloaf and meatballs.This is Miranda’s firs

Learn more about the history and types of charcuterie and salumi available to buy in The Charcuterie Board. The Small Bites chapter will provide you with a host of recipes to serve with drinks, such as grilled chorizo and scallops on sticks, scotch eggs and ‘Sushi style’ gorgonzola with prosciutto and arugula. You’ll also find recipes to make a perfect light lunch or appetizer, as well as Entrees such as paella with chorizo and omelet with ham, gruyere cheese and patatas bravas. The section on home curing will provide you with recipes to cure your own pork belly or duck breast, while the range of Accompaniments from pickles to toasts will give you all you need to complete your perfect charcuterie board.