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Blue and White Style

Classic and contemporary interiors from Mediterranean to country blue

Written by Gail Abbott

Published: 12/02/2015

Blue and White Style

  • Hardback
  •   |  
  • 9781782491897
  •   |  
  • Feb 2015
  •   |  
  • 160 pages

About the author

Gail Abbott is a home stylist and the author of nine books on crafts and interior design, including So Simple Slipcovers and Living with Light. In Quick & Easy Pillows & Cushions, Gail has compiled a range of projects designed by inspirational bestselling craft authors, including Emma Hardy, Gloria Nicol, Flora Roberts and Christina Strutt.

Gail Abbott is based in Cambridge.

The crisp, fresh combination of blue and white is a classic design partnership with numerous variations. From the deepest indigo blue to the palest sky blue, there is a shade of blue to suit every room and every mood. And there’s a surprising number of options when it comes to choosing the shade of white to complement the blue, from the soft historic whites which are almost creamy in appearance, to the bright whites that always look so stylish. The beauty of blue and white is that any combination of shades works effortlessly together. This book divides blues into chapters according to their shades. Classic Blues introduces you to color schemes and interiors that have stood the test of time, while Country Blues shows how these colors work beautifully in informal settings. Jewel Blues brings an intense depth of color, while Coastal Blues reflects the softer shades of the sea, from gray-blue to aquamarine, and Outdoor Blues takes its inspiration from nature. The final chapter, Collections, shows how to display your collections of china and ceramics, glassware, art, and fabrics.