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Tag Archives: knit
  • Posted on May 12, 2014

    Win your favourite #needlecraft book!

    We have a fantastic chance for you to win your favourite out of three new #needlecraft books this week! Choose between Home-sewn French Style, Sewlicious and Fair Isle & Nordic Knits - have a little look below to decide which one you will enjoy the most!

    To enter, simply follow us on Twitter @CICOBooks and re-tweet any #needlecraft tweet, telling us which one is your favourite. Whether you love to sew or knit, all of these books are full of stylish and creative projects to accessorise your home and your wardrobe! The competition will close Monday 19th May at midday UK time.


    Home-sewn French Style by Amelie Morin-Fontaine is a beautiful book full of sophisticated and chic pieces, along with helpful sewing techniques and a range of different styles for you to enjoy. With 35 stunning projects for homeware and clothes, you can capture the beauty of French design!


    Sewlicious by Kate Haxell shows just how fun and fashionable sewing can be! With 35 stitched and highly original projects for your house, for festivals and glamping, to wear and for crafting, this book will inspire you to pick up a needle and thread and create something wonderful that you can't pick up on the high street!


    Fair Isle & Nordic Knits is a fantastic new book by the brilliant craft author, Nicki Trench. These 25 lovely projects will inspire you to try the Nordic tradition of knitting intricate patterns in colours that combine and contrast, creating beautiful pieces and learning the fair isle techniques with a skills section and full colour charts.


    We're sure that one (or maybe all!) of these lovely #needlecraft books will inspire you to pick up some needles and get knitting or sewing, but make sure you tell us your favourite at @CICOBooks for a chance to win a copy of the book!

    Good luck everyone!

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  • Posted on March 21, 2013

    So You Think You're a Hipster?

    Skinny Jeans? Check. Charity-shop Clothing? Check. Non-prescription glasses? Check. These items have become the uniform for a new breed of young people - hipsters - determined to take over cities with their 'alternative ways' whilst overloading on irony and striving to be original and creative. Here's Kara Simsek, author of 'So You Think You're a Hipster' on this growing phenomenon.

    What happened to your local area? Where did all these twenty-somethings in beanies and ripped skinny jeans come from? Why does the air hang thick with the foul stench of soya milk lattes and organic cupcakes?

    What are these strange bikes with brightly colored frames and no brakes? Why is everyone walking a pug or carrying a freshly baked rye baguette under their arm?

    How can there be twelve graphic design agencies based in one building? What the hell is a pop-up organic burrito truck? How does that girl make a living from DJing when she just plays an iPod at a dingy bar once a week? Who are these people protesting against globalization as they Instagram photos of each other messing around on skateboards?


    Sounds like you’ve woken up to find your neighbourhood transformed in to a hipster ghetto.

    Want to have a night out? Your option is warehouse party, warehouse party, or fanzine fundraiser… in a warehouse. Don’t need glasses? No worries, just pretend, everyone else is. Not worn that sweater since you were ten? Put it on.

    No longer can you buy a pint of Heineken at the local bar, it’s craft beers only. Say hello to Blueberry Ale and Williamsburg Hop Pilsner, and prepare your tastebuds for locally sourced tomato juice in your Saturday morning Bloody Mary. You like scotch eggs now they’ve been made by an organic artisan who trained in France.

    Try and fit in. Wear something outrageous

    when shopping for groceries (at local retailers only, big-name supermarkets are a no-no), start a blog, get a specific interest that allows you to sit comfortably and look down on everyday people that know nothing about art-house cinema from the 1970s or thrash bands from New York state, who can’t tell the difference between Flaubert and Baudelaire. Tell people you’re relocating to Scandinavia to design eco-furniture and live off the land. To fish and knit and blog and be free from the constraints of Capitalism and the big city.

    Remember, you’re better than everyone else. And you’re NOT a hipster.

    Labels are so lame. And you’re better than that.

     Extracted from 'So You Think You're A Hipster' by Kara Simsek published by CICO Books which is out now!


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