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Tag Archives: interiors
  • Posted on February 8, 2017

    Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Bedrooms from Modern Vintage Style

    Green painted bedroom

    Vintage style light and peaceful bed by window

    Woodland bedroom

    Colourful patterned bedroom

    White lace bedroom decoration

    Floral medley bedroom

    Photography by: Debi Treloar

    Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US, as well as other retailers and bookstores.






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  • Posted on October 19, 2016

    Life Unstyled blog tour

    We’re all a little bit guilty of showing the best version of our lives on social media. The perfect instagram snap of your lunch that doesn’t show all the washing up. That adorable story about your kids shared with facebook friends that omits the screaming match they had 5 minutes later. But Emily Henson’s gorgeous new book Life Unstyled provides a bit of an antidote to this. Yes, these homes are beautiful, but more importantly they’re lived in. We celebrated with a launch event at Anthropologie, after Emily led a workshop for making papier-mâché lampshades!

    There was also a wonderful blog tour visiting some of our favourite interiors blogs. But don't worry if you missed it, because we've gathered all the links together. So grab a cup of something warming, and settle in for some cosy reading...

    Lobster and Swan started us off with a gorgeous review admiring “Emily’s manifesto for creating a stylish home that is beautiful but lived in”, and showcasing some of her favourite pages from the book. Including this bath of our dreams, surrounded by real bathroom clutter. Read her review here.

    Over on Makelight, Emily Quinton shared some lovely autumnal shots of the book reflecting its ‘cosy and homely’ style which had us feeling all hyggelig. Take a look at her post here.

    Another gorgeous review followed at Décor Art UK declaring Life Unstyled the most relaxed interiors book she’d ever seen. Read the full review here.

    Heart Home Magazine shared a lovely extract from the book, focusing on a tranquil home in Brixton. Find the full preview here.

    Last but not last, we finished up the week at My Warehouse Home with a selection of their favourite shots from this ‘cover-to-cover delight’, and tips for creating the look in your own home too. Read their post here.

    What a lovely week! For more real life interiors inspiration, pick up a copy of Life Unstyled by Emily Henson now, available here.



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  • Posted on September 20, 2016

    The Creative Home blog tour

    With autumn’s arrival and that New School Year feeling that we can never quite shake (despite it being rather a few years since we were attending school), we’re turning instead to our new interiors books. If we can’t have Mary-Janes and new stationery, maybe we can have new décor instead. That seems like a fair trade, right? Last week we hosted a blog tour for one of these new books, The Creative Home by Geraldine James, and seeing what our favourite interiors blogs thought was so inspiring. Nearly as good as a new pencil case.

    Look at the lovely blogs we had taking part:

    We started things off with a lovely post on My Warehouse Home who shared some of their favourite spaces, and ideas on recreating these looks in their own home. “Whether you live in a compact city apartment, a warehouse conversion or a country cottage, The Creative Home by Geraldine James features countless spaces to inspire a thoughtful and distinctive approach to interior decoration.” Read their full review here.

    Next up we visited Heart Home Magazine for an exclusive extract from The Creative Home on displaying collections. Read it here.

    Next up, DécorArt UK declared the book her “autumn’s must-have” and shared some of her favourite shots from the book, including the kitchen above. Read the review here.

    Emily Quinton shared some beautifully autumnal shots of the pages she found most inspiring over on Makelight, and of course, we had total stationery envy! She summed up the book rather beautifully with “the owners’ hearts at the centre, building a home that suits them and all they love and treasure”. You can see her post here.

    Last but not least, we visitied Little Green Shed who shared some favourite spaces, and the main takeaway: never be afraid of individuality. And also this bathroom of dreams.

    Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some shelves to rearrange…

    The Creative Home by Geraldine James is available here.




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  • Posted on August 3, 2016

    Wordless Wednesday: The French-Inspired Home

    The French-Inspired Home by Caroline Westbrook, with photography by Keith Scott Morton, is available here.



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  • Posted on July 13, 2016

    Wordless Wednesday: Living Retro preview

    Living Retro by Andrew Weaving, with photography by Andrew Wood, is available here.




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  • Posted on May 4, 2016

    Wordless Wednesday: A Woman's Huts and Hideaways


    Donna's Hut 1

    Lindsey's Hut 2

    Chris' Hut 1

    Monica's Hut 1

    Harriet's Hut 2

    Photography by Nicolette Hallett

    Taken from A Woman's Huts and Hideaways by Gill Heriz, available here.

    A Woman's Huts and Hideaways

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  • Posted on March 2, 2016

    Shades of Grey on tour!

    Assuming you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that magnolia is out, and grey is in! And never mind 50, according to the introduction of our new book Shades of Grey, by blogger-extraordinaire Kate Watson-Smyth, there are 500 shades detectable by the human eye! So, it can be a bit of a minefield. We celebrated the publication of this lovely book recently with a blog tour and a launch at the swanky MADE.com show room on Charing Cross Road.

    Very Lovely launch venue, with some beautiful grey pieces of course.

    Naturally we needed 50 Shades of Grey

    We also embarked on a gorgeous blog tour visiting five of our favourite blogs and websites, with sneak peeks and Q&As throughout the week.

    We started things off on Luxpad by Amara where Kate was talking all things grey, and offering advice on how to introduce grey into your home. They illustrated their Q&A with some of the gorgeous photography from the book, including this beautiful kitchen:

    Katy Orme at Apartment Apothecary followed this up with a fab review: “filled with brilliant advice, inspiring images and Kate’s witty writing style is the cherry on the top” – we can’t help but agree!

    On Wednesday Swoonworthy posted a super review and a peek at some of her favourite images from the book, including this lovely sitting room – how much do you want to curl up on this gorgeous sofa?

    The Chromologist featured a second interview with Kate, in which we learned what Kate likes best about this most elusive of colours.

    Finally, we finished up over at The Lifestyle Editor who was definitely ‘seduced by the stunning interiors in this book’.

    What a lovely week! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to paint our house grey!

    Shades of Grey by Kate Watson-Smyth is available here.

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  • Posted on February 17, 2016

    Modern Pastoral blog tour

    Modern pastoral interiors are about embracing the pared-back lifestyle of living in the country, taking nature as the main point of inspiration…[using] colors, textures and details to create a home in which to unwind - a retreat from the rest of the world

    So begins the blurb of our new book Modern Pastoral by Niki Brantmark (blogger at My Scandinavian Home); this was certainly a sentiment celebrated in last week’s blog tour. Five beautiful blogs shared some of their favourite images from the book, and we’ve rounded up the best of the tour here in one handy post so you can revisit them again and again!

    We kicked off the tour with a lovely post over at Lobster & Swan who said “Modern Pastoral is basically my rustic dream book...filled with beautiful examples of rustic living adapted to modern life”. We love this cushion!

    Our second stop was with Emily Quinton on her new blog, Make Believe. As always, Emily had photographed the book beautifully, and we loved the pairing of the rustic colours on Niki’s book with peachy yellow tulips.

    photo by Emily Quinton

    The middle of the week saw us pay a visit to Little Green Shed where Modern Pastoral was declared an ‘interiors dream’. Lou also included one of our favourite images from the book – this gorgeous outdoors shower!

    We finished up the week with lovely reviews, illustrated by more of James Gardiner’s photographs over on Décor Art UK and SF Girl by Bay, who appreciated the ideas in the book for bringing a small part of nature into your home.

    Wow! What a week! It has certainly inspired us to get back to basics with our interiors, and as lots of the blogs pointed out, it’s so easy to do, whether it’s just displaying some pebbles from a favourite beach, or that wood burner you’ve always wanted! If you’re feeling similarly inspired, make sure you settle down with a nice cup of tea, and simply click the links to read all the posts.

    Modern Pastoral by Niki Brantmark is available here.

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  • Posted on February 3, 2016

    Wordless Wednesday: February Preview

    Photograph by:: 1. Mark Lohman 2. Lisa Cohen 3. Paul Massey 4. Mark Lohman 5. Paul Massey 6. Jan Baldwin 7. Jan Baldwin

    Perfect English Cottage by Ros Byam Shaw is available here.

    Romantic Prairie Style by Fifi O'Neill is available here.

    Simply Scandinavian by Sara Norrman is available here.

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  • Posted on January 25, 2016

    Motivation Monday: looking forward to Spring cleaning

    As January draws to a close we’re taking a moment to look forward to Spring in today’s #MotivationMonday post and specifically Spring Cleaning. Wait! Come back! We know it’s a scary phrase but honestly, it helps, and our new book Lillian Too’s 168 Ways to Declutter Your Home and Re-Energize Your Life is on hand to guide you through every step of the way! With today’s post we’re starting small, focusing on just one room and following Lillian’s tips to de-clutter our bedrooms.

    Treat bedrooms as sacred spaces

    Keep your bedroom free of clutter for peaceful, restful sleep. Treat this area as if it is a sacred space, since this is where you spend all of your sleeping, subconscious time. It is where you leave the conscious world, and go into another dimension. Here is where you dream dreams, and let yourself go. Here is where you rest, cocooned from the world. So keep this space sacred and special.

    Keep the energy of the bedroom free from energy that is negative, harmful, stale, or hostile–so throw out things that make the energy turn sour. Instead, place only things you love in your bedroom, things that make you feel pampered and beautiful.

    Practical Tips

    1. Don’t store clothes high on elevated shelves in your bedroom. This is a bad idea because they create heaviness above the sleeping level. Store your winter wardrobe in a storeroom and keep all of your suitcases in another room.

    2. Keep all exercise equipment, bikes, and wall mirrors out of the bedroom. Your place of rest is not your gym.

    3. Make sure that all work-related junk is kept away from the bedroom. Do not have a work desk here, so that you eliminate the danger of work-junk piling up inside the bedroom. Keep computers and telephones out. Let children have a special study room, rather than a desk in their bedroom. If there are insufficient rooms in your house for this, try to place the desk a little away from the bed so that junk that builds up on the desk does not affect the sleeping child.

    4. Keep all dirty clothes inside a laundry basket. Nothing is more yin than dirty clothes, and the energy permeates any room pretty fast.

    5. Do not place junk under, over, or beside a bed. Keep beds clean at all times.

    6. Keep all doors clear of junk so that they open and close smoothly.

    7. Never hang questionable art on the walls of your bedroom.

    8. Keep windows clear of clutter. Curtains can be left open or closed at night, but it is advisable to let the light flow in once the sun shines. Nothing brings in better yang energy than morning sunlight.

    Lillian Too’s 168 Ways to Declutter Your Home and Re-Energize Your Life is available here.

    Don’t forget to check out all our #MotivationMonday posts.

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