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Posted on October 15, 2015 There have been 0 comments

Little Blackboard Town

Earlier today, someone in the office dared to mention Christmas and we ended up chatting about how lovely everything looks when the decorations are up. If you fancy jazzing up a blank wall in your home, then don’t wait for December... why not get creative with your DIY and try some simple wall art? This project is taken from the latest book by Clare Youngs, Wall Art, and we think it’s a great way to decorate a child’s bedroom (and a fun project to do together!)

Though it has to be said, kids or no kids, we would just love this little blackboard town above the kitchen counter to keep track of the shopping list and housework...

Little blackboard town

Little blackboard town 

This project is easy to create, looks stylish, and provides entertainment for the kids. What’s not to love? Blackboard paint is easily obtainable at DIY stores and even comes in different colors. I have used traditional black for contrast with the bright patterns. The roofs and the trees are made from sheets of giftwrap and a wallpaper offcut, so all very affordable.


You will need



Masking tape in different widths


Blackboard paint


Patterned paper

Long ruler

Craft (PVA) glue

Craft knife

Cutting mat

Little blackboard town step 1

1 Decide how big you want your houses to be. Cut or fold to size, one sheet of newspaper for each house and position it on the wall using masking tape. The houses don’t have to be the same size—a little variation is good. Leave small gaps between them—mine were 1⁄2 in. (1 cm) wide.

Little blackboard town step 2

2 Draw around the newspaper using a pencil, then remove the newspaper. Mask off each house with masking tape, using your pencil lines as guides. I used thin masking tape between the houses and thicker tape around the edges.

Little blackboard town step 3

3 Paint the house shapes with the blackboard paint and leave the paint to dry before carefully peeling off the masking tape.

Little blackboard town step 4

4 Mark the center of the each house shape, along the top edge. Fold a piece of patterned paper in half and align the fold, vertically, with the center mark of one of the houses. Mark the edge of the house (as shown) on the patterned paper.

Little blackboard town step 5

5 Use a ruler to draw a line from the mark you have just made on the patterned paper diagonally, up to the folded edge. Cut along this line using scissors.

Little blackboard town step 6

6 Open up the triangle you have made and glue it to the wall, aligning the straight edge with the top of the house.

7 Repeat Steps 4 to 6 to make two more roofs. You can make them different heights.

Little blackboard town step 8

8 Draw a simple tree shape on the back of the paper you have chosen for a tree. I have made a simple pointed oval. Cut this out. Draw in a few branches and cut these out using a craft knife and protecting your work surface with a cutting mat. Stick the tree on the wall next to the houses.


Wall Art by Clare Youngs

The latest book by Clare Youngs is full of creative ways to decorate your home with hangings, paintings, stencils, papercrafts, tapestries, plants, and more. For more information or to buy the book, click here.

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