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Posted on August 2, 2017 There have been 0 comments

Get the look - Simple Home

If you have an office or a work-space at home, it needs to be a room you look forward to being in if you are ever going to motivate yourself to go and sit at that desk and get on with that task in hand!

So this week for our look-book we’ve picked a rustic style office that uses lots of reclaimed furniture to give it that old vintage vibe and shown you how you can get the look with a few key pieces.

Study simple home


reclaimed writing desk loaf


The desk in this picture has actually been made using old ware-boards but if you’re not so handy with the hammer and nails, you can find lots of reclaimed wooden desks to buy without having to make it yourself. We like this one from Loaf as it is still quite delicate and so won’t overpower a smaller office space.


work_in_progress_trolley baileys

Storage Trolley

Storage space is key to help keep you organised and de-cluttered, but it also doesn’t have to be boring! These trolleys from Baileys Home are a quirky way to keep all your files, or tools in order, plus you can move it around so that whatever you need is always in arms reach.



display cabinet display cabinet

Display Cabinet

Some more quirky storage ideas with these old display cabinets. We like the symmetry they bring sitting on either side of the desk in this study, but you could always go for something bigger if space allows. If you want to stick with the mismatched smaller style we found two designs on Wayfair that we think will do the trick.




What accessory says study more than a globe?! Whatever kind of interior style you prefer check out justglobes.co.uk. You could go a traditional design like the ones in the picture or something more antique.


industrial office chair


Although all the furniture is different in this room, the fact that it is all of a reclaimed style means that it matches in a sort of mismatched way! We’ve picked something with a little more support from Maisons Du Monde, as it is important to be comfortable if you’re going to be sitting and working in it all day.


cage desk lamp


For those late nights in the office, a cosy desk lamp is what you need. We went for something in-keeping with the industrial vibe and chose this cage table lamp from Mullan Lighting Designs.


For more interior inspiration, check out Simple Home by Mark and Sally Bailey.

simple home








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