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Posted on January 7, 2015 There have been 0 comments

Get organised for a year in crafts!

One thing that we look forward to at the start of each new year in the RPS and CICO office, is getting started on a whole load of exciting new crafts! If you follow us on Instagram then you can check out our office crafternoons and lovely lunchtime makes – it’s so hard to resist when we’re surrounded by so many super craft books! And one book that we reckon will keep popping up throughout 2015 is A Year in Crafts by Clare Youngs. Full of seasonal projects and multi-media makes, there’s something in this book for every month and occasion!

So, to kick start the new year, we’ve picked a project from the January collection. These printed clipboards are simple to make and the perfect craft to get you organised!

printed clipboards

It’s a new year, a fresh start, and time to make those resolutions. I usually make one that involves being more organized. I tend to work on small scraps of paper that pile up or get pushed into the back of a sketchbook. Last year I made clipboards and hung them in a row above my desk and it works! I can now have a board for each project and keep my desk free of loose paper, with more room for making.

Hand-printing is a lovely way to personalize your makes. Once you have cut your printing stamps you can use them on all sorts of projects, from gift wrap, greetings cards, and gift tags to fabric. 

You will need

Selection of erasers

Soft pencil

Craft knife

Cutting mat

Lino-cutting tool

Sheets of letter-size (A4) white paper

Ink-stamping pads

Sheets of letter-size (A4) heavyweight gray board

Craft glue

Large binder clips

1. To make an oval-shaped pattern, use a rectangular eraser. Draw a leaf shape along the whole length of the eraser using a soft pencil. Using a craft knife, and working on a cutting mat, cut out the leaf shape.

2. With the lino-cutting tool, score lines across the width of the oval shape. Draw some pencil lines to help place the grooves or cut freehand. Make the lines different thicknesses by applying more or less pressure as you cut. Score a few lines that cross over each other to give you a more textured surface.

3. Use the oval stamp to print a repeat pattern on a sheet of white paper. You can achieve lovely effects by overprinting with a second color. I have printed rows of blue ovals and then used the same stamp to overprint slightly to one side using silver.

4. Use a square eraser to make another stamp in the same way, and print a second sheet of white paper with a different pattern. I have rotated my stamp for alternate rows and have overprinted with a simple circle cut from a square eraser.

5. To make a clipboard, stick a sheet of printed paper to the gray board using craft glue.

6. Cut a strip of patterned paper to the same width as a binder clip. Fold the paper around the clip and trim the edges for a neater fit. Stick the paper onto the clip using craft glue.


When it comes to printing, it is a good idea to experiment with different shapes and combinations of colors before committing to a final design. You can keep your experiments as references for future craft projects.


A Year in Crafts by Clare Youngs is available here. Visit our craft section for other exciting craft projects and ideas as well!

Have a lovely evening all and here's to a great year of crafting!


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