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Posted on October 8, 2015 There have been 0 comments

Crochet a Wicked Witch Costume!

With Halloween at the end of the month we're starting to think about fancy dress... If you're stuck for ideas for your kids (or yourself!) then why not have a go at this crochet wicked witch costume? Forget tacky lycra outfits bought in a one size fits all (but actually fits nobody) or that old white sheet that's been used year in year out since your child was tall enough to stand, and instead try your hand at a really unique crocheted costume.

With a pattern for the witch's hat, the cobweb collar and a spider to complete the look, this is a brilliant way to make your Halloween outfit and will provide plenty of fun dress-up opportunities in years to come (apologies to that sad old sheet).

Click on the image below and save or print the PDF pattern*.

This pattern is one of many lovely ideas for handmade kids' costumes in Crochet Dress-Up by Emma Friendlander-Collins. You can find out more about the book or buy a copy here.

Crochet Dress-up

*Thank you for choosing to download this crochet pattern. The copyright belongs to CICO Books, so selling or distributing the material to a third party is prohibited. We don’t mind if you share it with a friend, but please do not make multiple copies without our permission. Copyright law is there to protect the work of the originator and unauthorised copying is illegal

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