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The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels
The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels
by Cathy Bussey

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About the Author

Cathy Bussey is a freelance journalist and former deputy editor of PR Week. She has written several books, including Brilliant PR, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances. She lives in South London UK with her husband, young daughter and two bikes. Check out Cathy’s blog http://cathybussey.blogspot.co.uk/

Welcome to the Velorution! Women’s cycling is having a moment. From Olympic heroines like Victoria Pendleton, through fashion designers, models, and celebrities, to the super-cool girls on the street, everybody who is anybody is traveling on two wheels. This book will inspire you to join them. Cycling is a fun, healthy, and inherently stylish hobby and form of transport with a long and rich history of empowering women. It has never been more fashionable and more accessible to just about everybody. Full of fun and inspiration, with gorgeous photography and quirky illustrations throughout, The Girl’s Guide to Life on Two Wheels is a practical and stylish guide to help you find the confidence and motivation to embrace cycling as part of your daily life. From choosing a bike and staying safe on the roads to looking great on two wheels and adopting the unique style cycling offers, Cathy Bussey will arm you
with everything you need to get on your bike. Whether you used to cycle as a kid or have never been on a bike in your life, no matter what age you are, where you live, or how fit and active you are—if you’ve ever thought you’d love to cycle but “can’t”, this book will show you that you can, and you can do it in style!
• Cycling is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more women taking it up to save money, beat the morning commute and keep fit, and bike manufacturers reporting a rapid increase in sales of women’s models.
• Cathy’s Twitter handle @CathyBussey has close to 3,000 followers and she also writes a popular personal blog: www.cathybussey.blogspot.com.