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Channel Your Goddess Energy
Channel Your Goddess Energy
by Kirsten Riddle

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186x165 inches
55 colour illustration
About the Author

Kirsten Riddle is a columnist for Soul and Spirit Magazine and Chat: It’s Fate. She also writes regularly for Spirit and Destiny andTake A Break Fate and Fortune. Kirsten is a creative pracitioner and storyteller with a particular interest in folklore and looking at ancient practices and bringing them up-to-date. She also hosts sessions and workshops looking at mind magic, tarot, and stories as self-development tools. The author is based in Nottingham.

Goddesses have been a source of fascination for thousands of years. Their ancient mythologies and legends are still relevant today, and by tapping into the power of the goddesses we can find strength and inspiration. Channel Your Goddess Energy is full of tips and rituals that can be easily used in daily life, which allow you to harness the power of goddesses from around the world. Kirsten Riddle looks at deities from folklore and mythology, as well as goddesses linked to the elements, the weather, and the planets. Each entry includes a brief background on the goddess and lists associations such as planets, colours, stones, scents, and flowers. Accompanied by Risa Palazzo?s beautiful artworks, Channel Your Goddess Energy encourages us to rediscover our own individual goddess power.