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Tinkered Treasures: Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

This week's guest post is by author/tinkerer Elyse Major

My favorite crafts are the simplest ones where there is little fear of making mistakes and the instructions are brief. This is my aim for Tinkered Treasures: projects that are easy-breezy, enjoyable, and made from readily available supplies and tools.

Supplies listed for projects include such workaday fixtures as clothespins, paper rolls, matchboxes, bottle caps, jars and more.

Many tools are basic school supplies like white craft glue, a sharp pair of scissors, and foam brushes. Techniques like decoupage are explained and repeated from project to project.

And uncomplicated customizations …

make each project your own.

I am so delighted about my first book and hope that you will enjoy it from cover to cover. I had just as much fun writing it as I did creating the projects (look for silly puns throughout).
Happy tinkering!
Visit Elyse at her blog tinkeredtreasures.blogspot.com, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest also at Tinkered Treasures

Tinkered Treasures by Elyse Major is published by CICO Books on February 14th.

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