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The year of the snake arrives!

This Sunday hails the arrival of Chinese New Year and as we bid a fond farewell to the dragon, so we can welcome the arrival of the snake.

All animals, from the ant to the wolf carry a message of guidance and hope.  Here’s Chris Luttichau, author of the - soon to be released - Animal Spirit Guides on the snake…

Late one night I walked from my teacher’s house over to the medicine house, where we held many of our ceremonies. As I opened the door and went to step inside, the sole of my foot touched something on the threshold—something living. Fortunately, I hadn’t put my whole weight down, and so I raised my foot and carefully stepped to one side. Reaching a hand in and turning on the light, I was just in time to see a long snake with distinctive markings on its back slide away. It dawned on me that I had just stepped on a rattlesnake.

Snakes exude an air of intensity and mystery. Their eyes have a narrow range of expression and they seem unaffected by their surroundings, existing in a world apart from the one inhabited by humans.

In her constant bodily contact with the ground or with trees, snake stays close to the powers of creation, the life forces of Mother Earth. In Mexican spiritual tradition, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, represents the union of snake and quetzal, or eagle.

Our ultimate task is to unite body and spirit, earth and sky, snake and bird. Learning and growing in our physical form should ultimately lead to illumination and union, the merging of opposites. Snake brings us these esoteric teachings, guiding us home.

In the concept of kundalini, the snake represents creative sexual energy that is curled at the base of the spine. When all our energy centers are open, the snake, or kundalini, can rise to the crown of the head in a direct awakening.

In life, our only certainty is that change is inevitable. By periodically shedding her skin, snake teaches us not to resist change,  but to welcome renewal, even if it is painful initially. Change leads to growth, which is what we are here for.

Animal Spirit Guides by Chris Luttichau will be reissued by CICO Books in April 2013



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