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Introducing the ultimate vintage lover...

Mid-Week Chat with Betty Bee

This week we are chatting with the vintage crafter Betty Bee, author of Handmade Wedding Crafts, blogger, tweeter, make up artist and burlesque party organiser.  A lady of many talents, Betty shares her pearls of wisdom with us...

1.  Tell us about yourself  and the kinds of things you like to make?

I'm Betty Bee, Crafter, Blogger, make up artist and mama bear. I love to make beautiful things from items once deemed junk, whether thats a cakestand made from old crockery, decoupaging a tatty table or turning a battered hardback into a kindle cover.

2.  How did your name come about and what prompted your love of all things vintage?

Betty Bee is my pen name. My real name is Perelandra. I started going by the name Betty a few years ago when I helped organise a burlesque night locally. Using another name (my showdog name as I call it) allowed me to be slightly larger than life  and it also conjures up a real 1950's flavour which as someone who wears a lot of vintage inspired clothes is no bad thing.

3.  If you could time travel which decade would you visit for style, fashion and craft inspiration?

I absolutely adore the 1950's but if Doctor Who gave me one free trip in his tardis it would be the court of Marie Antoinette. Im a sucker for a wig!

4.  What advise would you give to budding crafters, any particular tricks of the trade?

It sounds really basic but just have a go. Crafting isn't some secret sect and you don't have to be particuarly arty to be good at it. Find a craft whose end product you are actually interested in. It's a bit pointless learning to crochet if the sight of a crocheted teapot makes you gag. Making something you will actually get pleasure from will definately give you the impetus to carry on. Also approach glue guns with care. Those suckers burn!

5.  What techniques and tools do you use in your work?

All the projects which feature in my book require absolutely no previous craft experience. Any bride to be can pick it up and within half an hour be making something, so I show readers how to make crystal covered shoes using a glue gun, table arrangements out of felt and cake stands with spray paint and doilies. The end results look amazing but the actual crafting is a piece of cake. For those crafters who like to learn new things I give tips on how to create ribbon roses, whirly gig button holes and there is a brooch bouquet which is quite the show stopper. 

6.  Are there any projects from this book that you wish you’d done at your own wedding?

Oh so many. The brooch bouquet was so beautiful and the little candles made in the shape of cupcakes would have looked gorgeous on my tables.

7.  When did you decide to start blogging?

I love to write and have always kept journals and when blogging first started to gain popularity a few years ago I decided to have  ago. Needless to say I'm hooked and write at least four posts a week. Strangely other people seem to find my ramblings quite entertaining and thousands of peple drop on in every week which is great.

8.  What kinds of things do you write about on your blog?

Crafts, make up, vintage inspired interiors and being a plus sized hottie.

9.  What are your hopes for the future?

I would love to write another book and for my blog to continue to grow.

10.  What is your favourite project from your book?

So hard to choose, they are like my children but the outdoor lampstand is fairly ingenious.

Thank you Betty, feeling very inspired!

You can catch Betty's blog musings on: talesfrombettybeetowers.blogspot.com

If you would like to get crafting, Handmade Wedding Crafts is available to purchase from Our Shop.

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