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October 23, 2014
The one with the great speech!

Celebrating the launch of another fabulous book, on Tuesday evening we raised a glass to Jane Parkinson with huge congratulations for her chatty, informative guide, Wine & Food. Gathered in the lovely downstairs of 28°-50°, Maddox Street, we enjoyed the most delicious champagne from Ayala, glorious canapés from the restaurant and lots of chatter about [...]

October 21, 2014
Great Ormond Street Bake it Better

Yesterday, we held a Bake it Better bake sale in the office to help raise some dough for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity. With sweet treats baked from a selection of our books, we had everything from indulgent chocolate muffins and tasty lemon squares to salty pretzants (a pretzel-croissant mash-up!) and biscuits, and everyone in [...]

October 20, 2014
A week with Hans Blomquist

As you may have seen last week we had a wonderful blog tour for Hans Blomquist In Detail hosted on some of our favourite interiors blogs! So last Monday we packed our virtual spotted hanky on a stick, took one last look at our own little blog and headed off on a big adventure! We [...]

October 16, 2014
The one where we bought a pumpkin...

Last night we had a super evening filled with charcuterie, cornichons, cheers and chums at Muddy Boots, The Modern Meat Company.

Celebrating the launch of an absolutely cracking new book by our lovely author, Miranda Ballard, we enjoyed a delightful selection of salumi themed treats, a delicious glass (or two?!) of Sauvignon Blanc and great company [...]

October 15, 2014
How an editor became a poker queen!

Coinciding with this year’s European Poker Tournament currently taking place in London (8th – 18th October) and celebrating the launch of her book, How to Become a Poker Queen, Rebecca McAdam held a wonderful poker party at The Grand Connaught Rooms last night where we had the chance to learn about the game, gather her top tips, as [...]

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