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July 9, 2014
Mid-week Chat with Miranda Ballard!

This week we were lucky enough to have a catch up with Miranda Ballard in the fantastic new shop, Muddy Boots: The Modern Meat Company, that she and her husband have just opened in Crouch End, London. After the success of their delicious Muddy Boots burgers in UK supermarkets and the brilliant first book that [...]

July 4, 2014
Recipe for the Weekend: 4th July Edition!

Happy Independence Day y’all! Here at RPS and CICO Books towers we are big fans of the range and variety in American cooking, and we’re looking forward to toasting this great nation the best way we know how. Carol Hilker’s Dirty Food has heaps of gourmet recipes inspired by flavours from across the US. So [...]

July 4, 2014

It's that time of the month again where we browse the shelves at RPS and CICO Books to see which books we'd like to offer as fantastic prizes to our followers! This time we have a choice of two brilliant books (and you can always enter to win both if you'd like!) and three copies [...]

July 3, 2014
Get in the holiday mood with this Greek Summer Stew!

The sun is shining brightly, everybody's talking about holiday plans and we're imagining lazy days by the sea and evenings with some summer food on the terrace! So today we wanted to share a recipe to make the most of those holiday feelings and really get us in the mood for trips yet to come [...]

July 2, 2014
Happy 4th July loom band bunting!

We've got a guest post for you today from the lovely girls over at Craft it Up! With a great craft project to celebrate the 4th July, if you need some last minute decoration inspiration then look no further than this loom band bunting...

Left it a bit late to make awesome decorations for your 4th of [...]

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