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100 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile

Written by Dawn Bates

Published: 12/09/2013

100 Ways to Make Your Baby Smile

  • Hardback
  •   |  
  • 9781849754538
  •   |  
  • Sep 2013
  •   |  
  • 128 pages

About the author

Dawn Bates has over 15 years experience working on pregnancy and babycare publications and was the editor of Having Babies magazine. She lives in Hertfordshire and is the mother of one very smiley baby, Liam.

For parents, their baby’s smile is a sign they are doing a good job and perhaps the greatest reward for all the hard work and sleepless nights. Some babies are born with a naturally happy temperament, but some may need a little more coaxing. Knowing what you can do, practically and emotionally, to bring your baby closer to this blissful state will increase your confidence and satisfaction as a parent. This wonderfully uplifting book, packed full of chubby-cheeked babies with gorgeous grins, shows parents 100 simple ways to maximize their little ones’ happiness and get them giggling. It’s the perfect feel-good book for new parents and proud grandparents. The tips, techniques, and ideas included here are for babies age 3 to 14 months. You will learn by trial and error what works for your own baby, and you can find all the inspiration and advice you need in this enjoyable and invaluable book.